How to prevent your Knife block from becoming a breeding ground of bacteria

Without a doubt, your knife block is an essential equipment to keep your kitchen safe and organized but overtime, they can harbor molds and could be a breeding ground of bacteria in those dark and hard to reach slots.  Here’s a simple way to keep it clean.

  1. Remove all the knives and turn your knife block upside down and shake it to remove all debris.
  2. Get a scrubby sponge, soap and lukewarm water then gently scrub the outside of the block – avoid using too much water as moisture will just produce more molds.
  3. Find a pipe cleaner to clean the slots
  4. Wipe the knife block with a clean dry cloth 
  5. Find a scraper and remove excess moisture and soapy residue
  6. Let the knife block air dry completely (aroud 12 hours or more) before re-inserting your knives

If you think that the above steps are way too much work, you can simply buy a slotless knife block with removable bristles for thorough cleaning.